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About Us

Band Squat

Our Mission

We offer evidence informed and patient centered treatment that is individualized for each person that we see. Our focus is active living, education, autonomy, and empowerment. 

▪️ We prioritize providing high quality information to help facilitate understanding of your injury, pain, illness, or disability so that you can learn how to manage your recovery, maintain your health, and build resilience.

▪️ We encourage collaboration and engagement with everyone we see so that we can make the best possible plan of action for you to meet your goals, no matter how large or small.

▪️ We provide ongoing support and maintenance planning so that you can continue to thrive and grow.

Location & Hours

We are located at

▪️ 836 - 103 Avenue in Dawson Creek BC.

Our hours are

▪️ Tuesday 10am - 6pm

▪️ Wednesday 10am - 6pm

▪️ Thursday 11am - 7pm

▪️ Friday 10am - 6pm

▪️ Saturday 11am - 6pm


Our Physiotherapists

Erica Best

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Erica graduated with a Masters of Physical Therapy (MPT) in 2019 from the University of Manitoba where she also earned a Philosophy undergraduate degree (B.A.) with a double minor in Religion and Psychology. She is from Winnipeg MB, and moved to Dawson Creek BC in December 2020. She is an evidence based practitioner and has a passion for educating and empowering her clients through active rehabilitation, strength, and mobility training. Her passion for movement comes from a background in dance and she gained specialized experience while working with high level performance artists during her time on clinical placement with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet. Company and Professional Division School. She also has experience with Post Surgical Rehabilitation for joint replacement surgeries (hip, knee and shoulder), experience in Neuro Rehabilitation, as well as in Orthopaedic and Sport Rehabilitation. She loves working with people of all ages and fitness levels, and believes that one of the most important parts of rehabilitation is to try to make it fun! Her rehab approach is patient centred, and she tries to make each individual’s Physiotherapy experience work to suit their own unique goals and lifestyle factors.

Erica Best Physiotherapist
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